Yes, we do, it has been issued by the government of Macedonia. We can always send you a copy of our license upon your request.

UITT is a wholesaler or military equipment and represents a number of manufacturers, therefore we are able to supply majority of the equipment available on the market today. Please have a look at the list of our products on our website.

Our main customers are governments and professional organisations, we do supply private buyers which hold a special trading license from the government of their country of domicile.  All buyers MUST have the appropriate license in place before any supply.

We need the End User Certificate (EUC) issued by the relevant government body for the procurement of the equipment. EUC is either issued by the Ministry of Defence or Ministry of Interior. We also need to make sure that the buying entity or the government in question is not on the embargo list either from United Nations or European Union. All buyers must hold the relevant licenses for purchasing and importing weapons and equipment.

Providing all the documentation is in place and the equipment is readily available in stock at our warehouse, it may take anything between 4 – 8 weeks; otherwise, we usually obtain an export permit within a 12 week period.

We can provide shipping to the End User’s destination, either by sea, land or air, depending on the buyer’s wishes as well as their budget, since transport by air is the most costly, while we also have to take into consideration the time the transport would reach by sea or land.

Thai nationals and Thai Owned Companies with the appropriate license can own and carry a weapon. Please consult your local police department for full details. Non-Thai nationals are not permitted to have a gun license. 

We have a number of ranges and organisations in Thailand which use our equipment. Demonstrations of certain equipment can be arranged on request.